Suprateek Sarkar


Suprateek Sarker (“Supra”) is Rolls-Royce Commonwealth Commerce Professor (information technology) at the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia.  His research, which is sociotechnical in nature, critically examines issues related to the development, implementation, and management of contemporary information technologies, and has been published in many leading academic journals. He serves or has served on a number of editorial boards, including MIS Quarterly (as former senior editor), Journal of Management Information Systems (on the board of editors), Decision Sciences Journal (as former senior editor), Information Technology & PeopleIEEE Transactions on Engineering ManagementJournal of Information Technology Case and Application Research (as former editor in chief), and the Journal of the Association for Information Systems (as the current editor in chief). In 2006, he was a co-recipient of the Stafford Beer Medal from the Operational Research Society (United Kingdom); in 2016, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Jyväskylä (Finland); in 2017, he was named a Fellow of the Association for Information Systems; and in April 2018, he was named distinguished alumnus of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems Department, University of Cincinnati