Optimal Capacity Management

To determine the production capacity needed by an organization to meet changing demands for its products.

Customer’s Objective

Varying load were impacting effective capacity management and SLA performance across processes in the organization. The client wanted a prescriptive model for optimal capacity management and needed help in simulating & studying various What-if scenarios.

Our Approach

We brought together ticket flow data with ticket resolution and employee productivity data to predict and forecast the number of optimal resource requirements. We then created a Prescriptive Analytics model to simulate various What-if Scenarios and hence minimize loss scenarios. The results fed into capacity management, SLA management and Process Transition Management practices with positive business results.

Business Impact

The Model helped simulate and compare results of multiple what-if scenarios and evaluate available strategies to improve Utilization and SLA compliance. It also helped identify the potential areas of improvement in the process steps. The client acknowledged higher involvement of team in improvement initiatives and the SLA performance improved by 6%.