Safety Analytics

To reduce the number of incidents at workplace.

Customer’s Objective

The client was seeking to improve its safety record and gain a deeper understanding of the key cost drivers behind work-related injuries as the injuries were leading to higher expenses and absences from the workplaces as well as severely impact worker morale.

Our Approach

A Safety Analytics project was initiated to identify key drivers of workplace incidents in order to focus on safety resources and planning where the impact is maximum. We analyzed 5 years of accident data and 4 years of self-insured workers’ compensation claims of 20,000+ employees and evaluated the internal & external risk characteristics to identify the clusters of locations and groups of workers with the principal propensity to be involved in one or more of the top six causes of workplace accidents.

Business Impact

Our work derived 14 clusters of employees, the data could then predict for employees within these clusters which were mostly likely to suffer a safety event down to area, location, shift, demographic and time. This led to an increase in employee safety, productivity and reduction in costs associated with safety events due to actions initiated. Over 12 month timeframe reduction in frequency of 15% for top six loss causes and 8% for all causes.